2015 Pocket Yacht Palooza!


Reviewing the

Fourth Annual


The fourth annual Pocket Yacht Palooza, July 18, 2015 at the Northwest Maritime Center in Port Townsend, was another big hit, with 50+ boats on the Commons, along the adjoining beach and next door at Point Hudson Marina.will have several exciting

The Palooza is a celebration of small-boat design, showcasing the widest variety of watercraft--wood, fiberglass, rowing, paddling, sailing and even a few small, traditional motorboats. There is some emphasis on boats suitable for camp cruising, but all interesting designs are welcome and equally appreciated.

Besides the boats and endless boat talk, we enjoyed hearing stories from four participants in the first-ever Race to Alaska: Stage One entrant Simeon Baldwin with his SCAMP, Noddy; John Strathman of Guemes Island, who finished his R2AK run in Bella Bella with a 19’ Easy Rider sea kayak with outrigger and sailing rig; Mike Higgins, the second solo finisher to reach Ketchikan aboard his well-worn sea kayak, and first solo finisher Roger Mann, who flew all the way back to Port Townsend with his wife, Dawn, to take part in the Pocket Yacht Palooza gathering.

Each of the R2AK veterans had different experiences and perspectives to share--it was all fascinating stuff to the assembled crowd of Race to Alaska fans, and we really appreciated the contributions made by Simeon, John, Mike and Roger...and the fact that all of their R2AK boats were on hand at the Palooza.

Our Saturday evening keynote presentation was by designer John Welsford, talking about design challenges he’s faced when working on special-purpose small craft, including Howard Rice’s much-modified SCAMP, that’ll take Howard on a challenging  3-4 month voyage. (As John has aptly describes the upcoming voyage, "It's a jaw dropper." )

Attached here are some photos from the 2015 Pocket Yacht Palooza.

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