Iain Oughtred Fulmar Planing Dinghy For Sale

We are selling our cherished Iain Oughtred designed Fulmar. I built her in 2003. The Fulmar is the largest of Oughtred’s 3 planing dinghies.

“Let’s Went” is a pure delight to sail. She points high and doesn’t take a lot of wind for her to get on a plane. The boat can be single handed in light air. In a strong breeze, it is comforting to have 3 aboard. And oh, what fun to use the hiking straps, the long tiller extension, and the highly capable, yet simple, sail plan. The speed that “Let’s Went” is routinely capable of never grows old. The excitement can be dialed down – the main sail has 3 rows of reef points and she comes with a Honda 2.3 motor. We have rarely used the outboard, nor have we rowed this boat. Her beam is too wide for one person to row.

She is decked fore and aft for stowage and floatation. The mast, yard and boom are hollow birdsmouth construction. Elvstrom-style bailers are installed on both sides of the centerboard case. These bailers have not been necessary to deal with spray coming aboard, but they do make cleanout easier. The bottom four strakes are glassed with 6 oz. cloth. Sails are made by Gambell & Hunter. There is a galvanized trailer and Sunbrella cover.

LOA – 16’8”
Beam – 5’10”
Hull weight rigged – 390 lbs.
Sail area – 160 sq.ft.

Condition: This boat was built with first class materials. She has always been covered except for her time on the water. She is in fine condition and is ready to go.

Location: Corvallis, Oregon

Price: $7,200