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Seasonal share for CLC Skerry in PT
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Seasonal share for CLC Skerry in PT

I’m looking to share my 15’ row/sailboat Waterstrider, a Chesapeake Light Craft Skerry, which will be in the water at Point Hudson Marina, in Port Townsend, April through September. The shared moorage cost will be $390 each for the 6 month season based on myself and two other families. Waterstrider rows very well with one or two rowers and sails well too. I have two sets of oars that are kept in the boat along with the sail rig and life jackets so it’s always ready to go in a couple minutes. This is the least expensive way to have access to a boat in the water and ready to go. I built the boat from a kit and it is durable with a paint finish. You can read more about the boat here

I rerigged it without the boom for safety and ease of use and it sails just as well as before. I’ve been sharing moorage for 15 years and it is extremely rare that two folks want to use the boat at the same time, but we will have a text chain to reserve it as needed. For more details, email or call me.

Seth Rolland 360.301.0576