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Swallow is for sale. She is cold molded epoxy fiber glass over cedar strips. Her sails are still crisp, and her auxiliary power is a 9.9 hp Mercury pro kicker. The only through haul that is below the water line is for the depth sounder. And there is about 5’9” of head room under the cabin trunk.

She was built by Cherry Boat Works in 2005, in Gig Harbor, Wa. I’ve tried to find out more info on her, but the person who commissioned this custom boat was pretty closed lipped about the design (according to the person I bought the boat from). And Cherry boat works isn’t building boats anymore. The most I was able to find, is that she is based on a design from the early 1900’s. She is very much a little big boat.

The photos of her on the dry are from September 2023. I had fresh bottom paint and zincs put on. And I touched up the paint on the free board. I had a diver check her in June, and every thing below the water line was still looking good

She has been a good boat for me, and I learned a lot sailing her. But as the story always goes, I got a bigger sail boat.

Asking $20,000

Please contact